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AMARO DI ANGOSTURA - vol. 35% - 70cl

Amaro di Angostura - The essence of Trinidad and Tobago ... The exotic island of calypso, carnival, and many beautiful people. Inspired by Don Carlos Seigert, Amaro di Angostura® is as soft and memorable as the exuberant present of the island, as the agitation of its unforgettable rhythms ... whether splendidly pure, on ice or in a delicious harmony as the basis of a cocktail, Amaro di ANGOSTURA® brings you an experience of a unique taste ...

  • Region: Trinidad and Tobago

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Angostura Orange Bitters – 100ml - 28% vol.

High quality Orange Bitters created by Angostura.

A classic.

  • Year: NV

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Angostura Aromatic Bitters – 200ml - 44,7% vol.

Feito com a mesma receita secreta original desde 1824, o mundialmente famoso Angostura® Aromatic Bitters continua a ser o ingrediente por excelência e definitivo para os cocktails clássicos e contemporâneos.

A sua versatilidade, no entanto, estende-se muito além do balcão do bar, pois é servido como potenciador único de sabor, com a capacidade de se casar sabores na preparação de todos os pratos de comida.

Angostura® Aromatic Bitters adiciona igualmente o seu sabor e aroma inconfundíveis a bebidas 'soft' e a sobremesas.

  • Year: n/a Grapes: n/a Region: Angostura

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AMARO RAMAZZOTTI vol.30% - 70cl

A perfect blend of 33 herbs and roots sourced from all over the world makes up the ingredients, in use since 1815, which give Amaro Ramazzotti its unique, inimitable flavour.

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PRE-ORDER - To obtain its fine flavour, we treat the Bitter Del Professore ingredients with the greatest of care.
A fresh bitter orange peel infusion, hand-cleaned wild gentian, the pink heart of sweet rhubarb from the Lanzo and Soana valleys: these are just a few examples of the work carried out with great care and dedication.

  • Region: Torino

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