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Master's Dry Gin - vol. 40% - 70cl

It is a premium gin, aromatic and unique, excellent for any mixed drink. Manufactured after a first distillation process of ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin with a complete sorting of the best juniper, coriander and cardamom, a second distillation by maceration with preselected citrus peels during more than one year and a last third distillation.

  • Year: n/a Grapes: n/a Region: Barcelona

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16,61€with VAT

Edgerton Original Pink Gin vol. 43% 70cl

THE ORIGINAL PINK GIN A classic gin style with a rich complexity and a unique balance of citrus and spice notes.
As you bring your nose to bear you immediately inhale fruity, floral notes, then the dry, powdery spice of cinnamon and cassia beneath, quite a seductive combination.
With a little water, immediately sweet orange peel and juniper start to emerge on the nose.
The palate is fruity-floral with a grapefruit- bitter finish and a chocolaty aftertaste.
These sweet notes soften and open up when combined with Tonic to produce an almost floral nose and sugar plum taste.
Elegantly Eccentric

22,00€w/o VAT

27,06€with VAT

Gin Blue Ribbon - vol. 40% - 70cl

Blue Ribbon London Dry Gin is a Traditional / London Dry gin 5 times distilled.
The ingredients used in making Blue Ribbon London Dry Gin were the following: Coriander Seed,  Juniper,  Pepper and  Thyme.
Blue Ribbon London Dry Gin has an Alcohol By Volume of 4%, which is 4.8% less than the average for all Traditional / London Dry Gin.

5 times distilled and produced from 14 different plant extracts like thyme, citrus, anise, allspice, Jamaican peppers, cinnamon, a breath of nutmeg.
Only a slight juniper taste.

Easily sweetish, tasty, very round and balanced.

  • Year: n/a Grapes: n/a Region: Bourgogne Regional DOC: Cognac

24,64€w/o VAT

30,31€with VAT

Premium Colombian Aged Gin Ortodoxy- vol. 43% - 70cl

Aged in Rum Barrels by DICTADOR

Five times distilled, the pure spirit gently extracts the soul of berries, spices, botanicals and tropical citrus peels during the last distillation for a full balance in flavors and aromas. Then it's kept for a minimum of 6 months in oak barrels to give the soul and filtered to discolored giving the diamond soul of this unique first tropical white Gin.

Brilliantly transparent, really smooth, silky tropical aroma, sweetness and peppery with citrus hints giving a new concept for Gin Lovers.

26,00€w/o VAT

31,98€with VAT

Edinburgh Gin - vol. 43% - 70cl

The Classic Edinburgh Gin.

Award-winning and distilled in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle!
Scottish juniper, pine, heather & milk thistle combine with 8 classic botanicals in a copper still to produce our original and perfectly balanced premium gin
clean fresh & spicy on the nose, pine, heathery scented notes & soft spice with laid back citrus on the palate 

Recommended serve: gin & tonic with orange zest garnish, classic cocktails Premium branding with an Art Deco influence, inspired by gin’s 1920s heyday

  • Region: Edinburgh

26,00€w/o VAT

31,98€with VAT

GIN G ONE and NINE - vol. 40% - 70cl

GIN 1& 9 – a Haute Couture Gin

G ONE and NINE, the GIN – is elaborate in France by the Distilling of Terres Rouges  which has a long and unique experience in the art of distillation and in the exploration of perfumes and flavours.

A Gin of excellence for cocktails of excellence and intense feelings.

  • Year: n/a Grapes: n/a Region: Bourgogne

26,20€w/o VAT

32,23€with VAT

Gin Citadelle vol. 44% 70cl

Excellent Recommendation”, 91 points – Ultimate Spirits Challenge (USA 2010)


  • Year: n/a Grapes: n/a Region: Cognac Regional DOC: Cognac

28,70€w/o VAT

35,30€with VAT

Copperhead Gin - vol. 40% - 50cl

Copperhead is a gentle and versatile gin with a unique story.
It is based on an alchemist copper distilled recipe containing 5 essential ingredients: 
Juniper, Coriander, Cardamom, Angelica and zest of orange, all distilled together with the alcohol making this Gin a real Londn Dry Gin.

28,99€w/o VAT

35,66€with VAT

Il Gin Del Professore Authentic Crocodile -  vol. 45% - 70cl

PRE-ORDER - Gin Crocodile is a new experience within the Del Professore adventure.
This is a fresh and forthright gin packed with intense juniper and citrus aromas complemented by delicate hints of coriander, elderflower and Jamaican pepper (Allspice).
Full on the palate, it is gently softened by notes of vanilla and other exotic spices.

  • Regional DOC: Gin

29,00€w/o VAT

35,67€with VAT

Gin Gold 999.9 - vol. 40% - 70cl

Gin Gold 999,9 is a Premium Gin that stands out by the perfect combination of citruses with the bean tonka.
It is a gin that is made with exotic spices that offer a unique and ideal flavor for those looking for new sensations.

  • Year: n/a Grapes: n/a Region: Cognac

29,20€w/o VAT

35,92€with VAT

Gin Blue Ribbon - vol. 40% - Pack 12 Miniature 5cl

Blue Ribbon London Dry Gin is a Traditional / London Dry gin 5 times distilled. 
The ingredients used in making Blue Ribbon London Dry Gin were the following: Coriander Seed,  Juniper,  Pepper and  Thyme. 
Blue Ribbon London Dry Gin has an Alcohol By Volume of 4%, which is 4.8% less than the average for all Traditional / London Dry Gin.

  • Region: Bourgogne

30,00€w/o VAT

36,90€with VAT

BCN - PRIOR BARCELONA DRY GIN - vol. 40% - 70cl

Distilled in Priorat, Savoured in Barcelona - BCN GIN

Una nueva y exclusiva propuesta para aquellos que saben apreciar la mejor ginebra mediterránea

  • Region: Barcelona

30,60€w/o VAT

37,64€with VAT


Aged in Rum Barrels by DICTADOR

A completely new concept for Gin Lovers.

Brilliantly golden liquid, round and smooth with  silky citrusy aroma. Oak delightful with peppery and ginger hints on the palate and an explosion of tropical tangerine peel.
Five times distilled, the pure spirit gently extracts the soul of berries, spices, botanicals and tropical citrus peels individually during the last distillation then master blended to create a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. Then it's kept for a minimum of 6 months in the DICTATOR pre-used Oak Barrels in order to develop the smooth character of this exclusive Caribbean Aged Gin.

  • Region: Cartagena de Indias

30,80€w/o VAT

37,88€with VAT

MADAME GENEVA | GIN BLANC - Vol. 44.4% - 70cl

Gin Blanc: a gin that seeks and finds the roots of gin!

31,99€w/o VAT

39,35€with VAT

MADAME GENEVA | GIN ROUGE - Vol. 41.9% - 70cl


  • Grapes: Primitivo

31,99€w/o VAT

39,35€with VAT


Gin Monsieur is the first of the Del Professore gins, a blend of spices and herbs which have been carefully selected to create a premium quality version of one of today’s most popular spirits. Juniper, lavender, angelica, orange, rose, camomile and other aromas melt into the high-quality spirit creating an unusual product with lively floral and balsamic notes.

  • Grapes: Juniper, angelica, camomile, lavender, orange, rose, zedoaria. Region: Torino

32,00€w/o VAT

39,36€with VAT

Il Gin Del Professore Á LA MADAME - vol. 42.9% - 70cl

Gin Madame embodies the spirit of the Italian herbal tradition and was created to offer a pleasant, easy-drinking gin experience perfect for experienced and novice gin drinkers alike. A blend of herbs and spices, including juniper, lemon, orange, tansy, zedoaria, cinnamon and cassia, creates an unusual and surprisingly intense and fresh product.

  • Region: Torino Regional DOC: Gin

33,00€w/o VAT

40,59€with VAT

GIN GILT - Single Malt Premium Gin - vol. 40% - 70cl

Gilt Single Malt Premium Gin, a Scottish Premium Gin that stands out from other gins because it’s the only Single Malt spirit distilled five times from nothing but malted barley (such as Scotch whisky). 
With 10 of the best botanicals and 5 times distilled at a Scottish distillery, it’s a superb quality alcohol.

  • Year: n/a Region: Scotland

34,00€w/o VAT

41,82€with VAT

O-Gin - Organic Premium Gin - vol. 40% - 70cl

The O-Gin is produced exclusively from coriander, lavender, Orange peel and juniper, all of which grow in Italy and Croatia to which is added ground cubeb from Indonesia.

  • Year: n/a Grapes: n/a Region: Austria

34,20€w/o VAT

42,07€with VAT

Copperhead Black Batch Gin - vol. 42% - 50cl

Meet the Dark Side of Gin ! 

Copperhead Black Batch, Mr. Copperhead new gin, elaborated with juniper, coriander, cardamom, orange zest, angelica, elderberry and Ceylan tea.
Join us and learn how to prepare the Splendid Serve!

  • Year: NV Regional DOC: GIN

36,00€w/o VAT

44,28€with VAT

nginious! Swiss Blended Gin vol. 45% - 50cl

nginious! Swiss Blended Gin is full of character, with a herbal note and very fresh and well-balanced.
It comes with great complexity and seems very soft and harmonic even when drunk pure.
The 18 botanicals can clearly be smelled and tasted. This gin, containing 45 % vol., can be drunk pure.
It shows its power, however, when tonic is added. Whereas most gins lose their aromas when tonic is added, tonic water opens up the nginious! Gin so it stays present all the time.

36,00€w/o VAT

44,28€with VAT

SILENT POOL GIN - vol. 43% - 70cl

Silent Pool Gin is a classic gin at heart. It is full-bodied and fresh, with depth, clarity, and above all else flavour.
Produced with 24 unique botanicals, Silent Pool Gin is a rich and clean juniper-driven spirit with floral layers of lavender and chamomile.
Fresh notes of citrus and kafir lime are grounded with the subtle sweetness of local honey, creating a well-balanced gin that is both traditional and refreshingly individual.

  • Year: NV Region: Surrey Hills

36,95€w/o VAT

45,45€with VAT

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin vol. 47% - 50cl

A curious gin from the Black Forest in Germany. Made with 47 botanicals and bottled at 47%, they also use a typical ingredient from the Black Forest' in the mix – cranberries.

40,50€w/o VAT

49,82€with VAT

nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin vol. 42% - 50cl

nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin is produced only once a year and only 3,000 bottles were produced last year. This variation of the nginious! Gin features juniper, bitter oranges, quinces, ginger and coriander, as well as cold-smoked chestnuts (which were smoked for 40 hours) and a rare smoked stone salt.

43,00€w/o VAT

52,89€with VAT

nginious! Summer Gin vol. 42% - 50cl

A fantastically floral variation of the nginious! Gin recipe - the nginious! Summer Gin is made in a similar way to the classic expression, by distilling botanicals in groups and blending them at the end, though this time using peach, lime, jasmine, white pepper and rhubarb along with the blueberries and juniper.

43,00€w/o VAT

52,89€with VAT


A monkey bread gin
The baobab gives a fruit whose tangy taste appeals to both humans and monkeys, hence its name of "monkey bread". Especially rich, monkey bread contains six times more vitamin C than an orange and twice as much calcium as milk. Cleverly distilled with wheat alcohol, juniper berries, dried mango, ginger, coriander, maniguette, nutmeg, angelica and cardamom, Lord of Barbès gin is also a perfume.

  • Region: Paris

47,97€w/o VAT

59,00€with VAT

Copperhead Gin Alchemist Box 50cl 40% Vol + 3 x 50ml Blend Kits

Add an extra feature to your Copperhead Gin !
This box contains 1 bottle of the Copperhead Gin 50cl plus 3 x 5cl blend bottles:

The Aperitivum, the Digestivum and the Energeticum.

You now become your own alchemist....

49,99€w/o VAT

61,49€with VAT

nginious! Cocchi Vermouth Cask Finish Gin vol. 43% - 50cl

The unique nginious! Cocchi Vermouth Cask Finish Gin is processed in a vermouth barrel. nginious! is especially suited to being aged in such casks, thanks to its high complexity .The world’s most popular cocktail is, after all, the classic Martini, a blend of gin and vermouth. 
Fortunately Roberto Bava from Cocchi could be convinced of this idea. He agreed to cask age his “Vermouth di Torino” especially for nginious!. 
With its citrus and herbaceous notes this vermouth and nginious! create a perfect unity. 
This is the world’s first vermouth cask finished gin, and the first barrel-aged Martini. This gin is only available in very limited quantities. Such a carefully produced gin deserves a visually appealing package, which is why nginious! Cocchi Vermouth Cask Finish Gin comes exclusively in bottles wrapped in goat leather, so each bottle is unique.

72,00€w/o VAT

88,56€with VAT

Total Found: 28

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