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White Oak Tokinoka Blended Whisky vol. 40% - 50cl

A Japanese blended whisky from the White Oak distillery, which is in Hyogo, just west of Kobe. Makes for a good value-for-money introduction to the world of Japanese whisky. White Oak is also known for producing the Akashi range...

  • Region: Hyogo

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Black Oak Tokinoka Blended Whisky vol. 50% - 50cl

The Tokinoka Black is a very elegant, smooth and velvety Japanese Whisky, aged in three different types of oak casks.
It has a spicy, sweet and fruity aromatic profile, with exotic hints and scents of vanilla, toasted spices and noble woods.
The taste is creamy, round, rich and persistent

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47,28€with VAT

Total Found: 2

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