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Passport Scotch Whiskey is a Scotch whiskey created by the Chivas Brothers Master Blender.
It is distilled at Glen Keith, the most modern distillery in Scotland. The bottle is unique, impactful and easily identifiable.
It combines the malt flavor of the higher lands with the whiskey of the lower lands, lighter and sweeter.
Its flavor is a soft elegance.

  • Regional DOC: Scotch Whisky

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BLACK BOTTLE Blended Scotch Whisky vol.40% - 70cl

Burn Stewart Distillers have unveiled the new Black Bottle Scotch Whisky – a return to the original blend and bottle design.

The result is a curiously rich and slightly smoky taste that maintains the distinctiveness of Black Bottle but adds another layer of depth to the liquid.

  • Year: NV

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Total Found: 2

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