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PASTIS RICARD vol. 45% - 70cl

A distinct fresh taste of licorice and subtle notes of herbs from Provence. Aged in large outdoor barrels, a light maritime scent is conveyed by the salty haze that surrounds the barrels.

  • Region: Marseille Regional DOC: Pastis

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PASTIS PERNOD vol.40% 70cl

Pernod is made from the essence of star anise, a tree-growing fruit from North Vietnam and Southern China. The anethol that is extracted from this essential oil is mixed with the distilled essential oils of other herbs and spices. Pernod's secret formula includes mint, added for its cooling and digestive properties, and coriander, for its heady and subtle flavour. Pernod is different from the other anise spirits, as its subtle taste and bouquet come from the distillation of star anise alone. Pastis, on the other hand, is produced by maceration and includes liquorice as a major flavouring agent.

  • Regional DOC: Pastis

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PASTIS Henri Bardouin (Grand Cru) 70cl

The difference is here!
By harmonizing over 65 essences, the Pastis Henri Bardouin Grand Cru proves to be an inspired composer.
Unique Pastis, for connoisseurs. Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole Paris 2008.

  • Year: nv Region: Provence Regional DOC: Pastis

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Total Found: 3

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