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M. Chapoutier Hermitage  "Chante-Alouette" Blanc BIO 2016 - 75cl

Composed of 100% Marsanne, this white wine is classified in AOC Hermitage and comes from grapes from 3 different vineyards.
The "Meal" is composed of an ancient soil with many pebbles. "Murets" refers to the location of granitic arena soils and "Chante-Alouette" rests on a clay-limestone layer.
After manual harvesting at maturity and pressing, 1/3 of the wine is vinified in half-muids and the rest in vats.
The color is of a beautiful green gold, brilliant.
Its complex and subtle nose distils aromas of quince, walnuts, honey, ginger, acacia and linden.
The palate is frank, elegant with a finish with fresh almond flavors.
To taste on seashells or fish with white flesh.

  • Year: 2016 Grapes: Marsanne Region: Vallée du Rhône - Nord (Septentrional) Regional DOC: Hermitage

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