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Baron Philippe de Rothschild Bordeaux 2016 - 75cl

A fresh and fine wine, vinified at the Mouton Cadet Winery Centre, full of rich aromas, ideal as an aperitif, with oysters or with grilled fish.

  • Year: 2016 Region: Bordeaux Regional DOC: Bordeaux

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Château Dubois Challon 2011 - 75cl

This white and dry Bordeaux is an original wine, with a nose of flowers and fruits, a good behaviour in mouth and with ageing.

  • Year: 2011 Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscadelle Region: Bordeaux Regional DOC: Bordeaux Blanc

11,40€w/o VAT

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Aile d'Argent - Château Mouton Rothschild 2014 - 75cl

The colour is a glittering light yellow. The highly complex and elegant nose reveals ripe fruit aromas mingled with notes of acacia blossom. From a clean, well-defined attack on peach and apricot flavours, the mid-palate displays a harmonious balance between acidity and a silky texture. The finish is mineral and very long.

  • Year: 2014 Grapes: Sauvignon 57% Sémillon 43% Region: Bordeaux Regional DOC: Bordeaux

75,00€w/o VAT

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Aile d’Argent 2012 reveals ripe Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon aromas and flavours, combining passion fruit and pineapple together with white peach and pear, lifted by slightly buttery, finely toasted notes.
Displaying attractive minerality and length, Aile d’Argent 2012 may be considered an exceptional vintage.

  • Year: 2012 Grapes: Sauvignon and Sémillon Region: Bordeaux Regional DOC: Bordeaux

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90,40€with VAT

Total Found: 4

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