Quay Premium Vodka - vol. 40% - 75cl

31,80€ 19,72€ s/IVA

39,11€ 24,26€ c/IVA

Refª: 0949229909384
País: França
Tipo: Vodka
Região: Cognac
Ano: n/a
Castas: n/a
Alcool: 40%
Volume: 75cl

A QUAY Vodka foi criada para capturar a essência da região Mediterrânica. Tem um sabor refinado e sofisticado, com notas de sementes doces e um terminar macio fora do comum.
É uma vodka ideal para tomar pura ou misturada no seu cocktail favorito para uma experiência agradável e surpreendente


QUAY VODKA Was designed and formulated to glorify the Mediterranean region of Europe, especially the bordering countries of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

The Quay Vodka brand will reflect the cultures and refinement of this special region with its Mediterranean bottle, culinary character, and refined taste.

Quay is Mediterranean in appearance with a nautical blue color and feel. The towering architecture of the bottle commands its presence. The overall image surpasses coy advertising with a simple, elegant appeal.

  • Ultra-Premium product priced competitively with premium brands.
  • Artisan Crafted by a Master Cognac distiller.
  • Lifestyle Spirit, attracts consumers who want the finer things in life, a person with style, class, and good taste.
  • Excellent taste! Extremely smooth with sweet grain finish.
  • 5x distilled and 4x filtered.

The Quay Vodka is an ultra premium spirit created to capture the essence and mystique of Europe. Old world craftsmanship and total refinement are a testament to this vodka and the richness and elegance the Mediterranean has to offer.

For the perfect vodka, just turn the Quay (Key)!


Artisan Martini:

Ingredients: 3 oz Quay Vodka.

Instructions: Add vodka to cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake well... Pour into chilled Martini glass and garnish with three Sicilian olives.



Blue Harbor:

Ingredients: 2 oz Quay Vodka; 1 oz Blue Curacao liquor; 1 oz Lemonade; Splash simple syrup; Luigi's lemon italian ice (optional).

Instructions: Fill cocktail shaker with ice and add ingrediants, shake well, strain into chilled Martini glass. Float scoop of lemon ice (optional) garnish with Maraschino cherry.


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